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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding If a First Look Is The Right Choice...

First things first, some of you might be thinking "What is a first look anyway?". Although untraditional, a first look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony...gasp!   We've photographed dozens of weddings, witnessed a dozen more for friends and family, and are married ourselves which makes us somewhat of an expert in this area...or at least we like to think so!

There is no right or wrong answer, it all boils down to preference and how YOU imagine YOUR wedding day to be. Some couples like tradition while others prefer to break it, whatever you decide, the moment will be special and one you'll remember for the rest of your lives. But before you decide, here are some things to consider:

 Private Vs. Public

Think of the moment your future husband will see you for the very first time on your wedding day, do you want to share that moment privately or share it with your wedding guests? 

First looks are completely private- no guests, family or wedding party are watching. Just you and him (and us off in the bushes somewhere). His back is turned, you walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder, he turns around and completely melts when he sees how stunning you look in your wedding dress! You hug, kiss, cry, hug some more, and genuinely soak up this special moment- together. 


True Vs. Tough

Have you ever seen your fiancé' cry in front of other people? Does he have an emotional side or does he seem to keep it all together? From our experience, grooms show their true emotions during an intimate first look more so than during the ceremony. Don't get us wrong, entering your ceremony and letting your groom see you for the first time is a dramatic entrance, but don't forget that he may hold back his true reaction since 100+ people are staring at him, and we can't fault him for that! If you REALLY want to capture his true reaction, consider a first look. Chances are it will be more genuine when it's shared just between the two of you!



Relaxed Vs. Rushed

As your wedding photographers, our goal is to take gorgeous photos (of course) but also to make sure you enjoy your wedding day. Typically all portrait photos are taken after the ceremony during your cocktail hour for weddings without a first look. This means we have about 1 hour (on average) to take all family photos, all wedding party photos (group and individual) and last but not certainly not least, your romantic bride and groom portraits at various locations around your venue.

Weddings that include a first look allows us to photograph some bride and groom portraits and wedding party portraits before the ceremony, which means we'll have less photos to take after the ceremony! Adding a first look to your wedding day will help streamline your photo schedule, keep you relaxed, allow more free time for socializing with guests and tearing up the dance floor!  



As we mentioned, there is no right or wrong answer to either decision you make, but all of these things should be considered when deciding if a first look is right for you! If you have any additional questions or would like to share your experience please share in the comments section below!


Why We Decided To Become a Full Service Photography Studio || Temecula Wedding and Portrait Photographer || Stevie Dee Photography

Why We Decided To Become FULL SERVICE 

In the photography industry there are mainly two different type of photographers, known as "shoot and burn" and "full service". Shoot and burn is referring to the photographers who "shoot" your photography session and "burn" all the final images onto a CD /flashdrive or upload to an online gallery. Full service photographers will shoot your session, invite you to their studio to reveal your images and help you choose high quality professional images to decorate your home and preserve your memories.

All this time we've been in business we've been shoot and burn, but I've realized that I'm actually doing my clients a disservice by emailing the gallery link for them to view their images but leave them hanging when it came time to order prints. That's like buying a Mercedes but not being informed of the warranty or free car washes that came with your purchase.  I'm going to share the top three reasons why we decided to make 2017 our year to go full service and better serve YOU, our clients!

#1. Experience

I'm a HUUUUGE believer in the experience. We strive to deliver a one of a kind experience from the second you inquire with our studio to the moment your prints are delivered. Previously, we would email deliver a wedding gallery and I had NO idea what was going on while my couples were viewing their memories for the very first time. Were they at work or were they driving? Were the kids arguing at home or were they in the middle of cooking dinner? Were they out with friends? 

 We provide a fun and relaxed environment during the session and I wanted to be able to deliver the same experience while our couples viewed their wedding images for the first time. Nothing better than kicking back, enjoying some refreshements (yes, that includes champagne!) and reliving your most memorable day, your wedding day!


#2. Quality

I'm equally a huge bargain shopper, believe me, but there are just some things you can't put a price tag on. When it comes to preserving your wedding day memories there's no better way than to showcase them around your home with high quality, professional products. We've spent countless hours perfecting our color formats with one of the best professional labs in the world so we can deliver gorgeous products that will last hundreds of years...yes, thats right...HUNDREDS of years!

Furthermore, consumer printing labs don't have the same quality of ink, paper and printers than our professional lab does, so when you print your professional photos with a consumer lab, it's likely the color format isn't true. What I mean by that is, "No, you weren't sunburned or red during your wedding and no your dress wasn't's just the printing." The professional printing labs have thousands of color variations and print exactly the way they were meant to look. Why invest in a professional photographer who's style and editing you love only to have your images look different from the way they did when the photographer gave them to you?


#3. Prints Over Pixels

When a wedding gallery is emailed it also includes instructions on how to download and preserve your images. Most clients will download the images to one computer but fail to back them up or store them on another device for safekeeping. I've had several wedding clients from a few years ago realize the only computer they had saved their wedding images on had crashed! Could you imagine losing your wedding images forever?! Thankfully I was able to locate their gallery in our archives and re send them, but I can't guarantee that will be the case with every situation. Why take the chance?

The thought of the images from your gorgeous wedding day are being locked and stored away in a computer somewhere is so sad! I would love to see our couples proudly display their wedding images on a canvas in their entry way or an album in their bookcase. These are memories and keepsakes that will be passed down for generations.

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