Our Promise…

Having the opportunity to do a job that we are so truly passionate about is the ultimate achievement in the pursuit of happiness. We sincerely look forward to each and every photography session that presents itself, with a goal of capturing these moments in life that may only last a fraction of a minute, and producing them into a product that will last a lifetime. Your satisfaction is not only our dedication, but is also embedded in our ethical standards. As your photographer, we vow to seize these beautiful moments in life, and deliver a memory to last a lifetime. It is our obligation to you, our model(s), to replicate that moment in life, to a superiority that cannot be mimicked.

Our Style…

Our style is clean, romantic and simple with a comfortable blend of capturing candid moments and naturally posed images. We love to capture real moments as they happen organically and capture the raw emotion between our subjects.

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Stevie Dee

Owner + Lead Photographer


Ryan Dee

Assistant Photographer

Danielle Murphy