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Back to where it all began…

Coos Bay, Oregon

Zach + Alyssa met at South Western Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, Oregon when they were both a part of student activities. After months of thinking Zach was cute, Alyssa learned he was recently single and struck up conversation during a Summer student body meeting. Several months later they finally called it “official” and moved to Corvallis together so Alyssa could finish her studies at Oregon State University. While Alyssa was pursuing her career as a school teacher, Zach was pursuing his own dream of becoming a paramedic firefighter. Zach was hired in Klamath Falls, a city 200 miles away from Corvallis, which forced them into a 3 year long distance relationship which only flourished over time!

On June 17, 2018, the day after Alyssa graduated from OSU, Zach got on one knee and asked Alyssa to become his wife in front of family, friends and their new puppy Toby!

Going back to where it all begin in Coos Bay, Oregon, we started at Yeong’s Burgers where they frequented for date nights and study sessions. Zach + Alyssa shared a handmade milkshake before we visited the docks, which was a perfect node to their love for fishing and the outdoors. We finished on the cliffs and Sunset Bay and reminisced about their college days, how they met and fell in love and it was so sweet to see them back in their old stomping grounds!

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Congratulations Alyssa + Zach, we had so much fun with you and Toby and can’t wait for your wedding next Summer at Silver Falls State Park!

Jessica + Brandon || Longshadow Ranch Winery Wedding || Temecula Wine Country || Stevie Dee Photography

Jessica +Brandon

Longshadow Ranch Winery | Temecula, Ca

We began the day with Jessica and her maids at Ponte Winery where they had their hair and makeup done. Typically when we enter a bridal suite on a wedding day there is a lot of commotion happening. Hair and makeup artists are working away, several bridesmaids, mom's, grandma's and the bride are usually working on some sort of task and there is a high energy buzz going around. When we entered Jessica's hotel room the hair and makeup artists had just left, all the bridesmaids were sipping champagne with the bride in their robes and there was a pleasant (but unusual) sense of calmness. It set the mood for the rest of the day and Ryan and I were pleasantly surprised by how calm everyone was!

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My favorite thing about weddings is when the couple does things to personal their day. Jessica and Brandon decided to share handwritten letters to one another before seeing each other on their wedding day.... and it was the sweetest moment! Separated by a barn door, they held hands and read their letters out loud to one another. We're not crying, you're crying!


After sharing their personal and heartfelt letters they met at the barn for a "first look". Although untraditional, this is becoming more and more common in weddings we see today, and for good reason. This moment is priceless because when you see your groom turn around and lay eyes on you for the first time on your wedding, time stands still. In that moment it's just the two of you, and you get to share that moment privately and intimately....not with 100-200 guests staring at you.

I tell all our couples a first look is totally and completely a personal preference, there is no right or wrong answer, but I cherish these minutes we get to document before the ceremony. We stand back for a few minutes and let the bride and groom have their moment, they share a kiss and a hug and usually talk about their excitement to walk down the aisle. We find that it typically gives us  a smoother timeline as well because we're able to have more time for photos with just the bride and groom!

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And because they chose to do a first look we were able to frolick in the ceremony site before all the guests arrive!

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