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The Beginning.

 In 2014 I quit my full time banking job to pursue my dream of being a full time photographer. I started working from home and at first, I loved, loved, LOVED it! For a girl who's juggled college classes while working three jobs, punched the clock every day and made someone else money....working from home was a nice change. For once, I made my own schedule, worked my own hours, felt like I was caught up on housework and I was home every day when Ryan came home from work.

I bought the cutest little desk that matched my living room decor and set up shop right there in the middle of my home. Literally, my desk was against the wall in my living room, smack dab in the middle of everything. Working from the living room was convenient in a lot of ways; I had eyes and ears on everything and never missed a beat, I could check emails AND watch a movie with Ryan and I could work non stop and never feel guilty about it because I was physically "present". Multi tasking at it's finest folks, an entrepreneurs dream, right? Well, wrong.


Growing Pains.


As my business grew I was slowly slipping into that dark hole, the abyss, that every entrepreneur finds them self in.  The dark hole of being buried in work, trying to find a way to succeed through the growing pains, knowing that you need to make a change but not knowing HOW to make those changes. This fantastic idea of being able to work, and be home, and be with my husband turned out to be the exact opposite. I found myself being pulled in too many directions and what I thought would be my solution ended up being a problem. As a result, I found myself spread too thin and knew change was in my near future.


New Chapter.


At the beginning of the year I gave myself, and my business, some pretty drastic goals. First thing on my list: "Separate work from home" and we all know that is so much easier said than done! I knew something had to change and working from home was no longer my solution.

I started casually looking into commercial space in the Temecula area, not thinking much of it when I came across an open unit in Old Town Temecula. I jumped on the phone and left a message for the leasing agent, expressing my interest. Cassie, who's good friend of mine from High School, recently quit her full time job as a wedding planner for a well known winery in town to pursue her dream of owning her own coordinating business, Classy Kay Events. I reached out to her and asked if she would be interested in sharing an office space and showed her the unit I was interested in. The next day we toured the unit, fell in love and before I knew it we were signing papers! It truly happened just like that. Boom, we have an office space. A space I can call my own, a space I can be creative and feel inspired, a space I can work in- and then leave my work behind, in the heart and soul of Temecula.

So here's our little space in the world, our little corner in downtown Temecula. We hope to see you in the studio real soon!