A Christmas Proposal | Sam + Peetee {engaged} | Surprise Proposal Photography by Stevie Dee Photography

When Sam's girlfriend, Peetee, of 6 years told him she planned a photo shoot for their Christmas cards this year, he decided to create a plan of his own....a proposal! A few days after Peetee booked with our studio, Sam messaged us on Facebook and asked if we could help him do something special. I don't think I even read his entire message before running into the living room, screaming in excitement, to tell Ryan the news!

From there, Sam and I exchanged countless texts and phone calls and the planning began! The week of the photo shoot I met Sam in Starbucks to chat about our ideas and to collect "the note"- a handwritten proposal from Sam.

The day of the photo shoot came and we greeted Sam and Peetee in the parking lot of the Christmas Tree farm. Sam and I shook hands and pretended like we were meeting for the first time, which was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be! Sam and I agreed that we would start the photo shoot as planned and get a few photos in before the real madness began.


Once we started, I could tell just how much in love these two were! They were so playful and truly just happy! I mean look at her smile...and this was BEFORE the proposal!

We walked over to another area of the farm where we planned to hand Peetee a wrapped box. I told her I needed some detail shots for my blog and just to hold it. As I snapped away, Sam told Peetee to open the box which exposed a note that read "Will you marry me?". As she read the note, Sam dropped to one knee! I would be lying if I said we didn't shed a tear from behind the camera...

Congratulations Sam + Peetee, we were truly honored to be a part of this moment and hope you can relive this day forever. Let the planning begin!